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 The process continues to move merrily along. I don't know if anyone is actually interested, but it's good for me to put everything down. Here's the latest status update:

1. Siding finished
2. Roof replaced (And let me just say it's amazing how quickly a roof can be torn off and replaced.  Less than two days!)
3. Furniture purchased for all 4 kids rooms (Finished this today)
4. Downstairs family room furniture ordered
5. Master bath gutted and plumbing and electrical redone
6. Fixtures in for master bath (including the clawfoot tub!!)
7. Hardwoods in bedrooms installed and finished
8. Inside light fixtures replaced in three rooms
9. New washer and dryer ordered (scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday of next week)
10. Ceiling fan on screened in porch replaced

Still to be done:

1. Siding painted
2. Gutters and gutter guards installed
3. Master bathroom finished
4. Painting of nine rooms
5. Picking out formal living room furniture
6. Quote from the glass guy on a shower door for the freestanding MB shower and for replacing the glass in the door from the family room to the porch
7. Order new mattresses (I'm fairly sure what I'm going to get, it's just a question of physically making the order)
8. New vanities and countertops installed in 3 bathrooms

Possible future additions:
1. New dining room furniture (I want an Arts and Crafts table and sideboard.  The previous owners had a beautiful set that I tried to buy, but they  didn't want to sell and I can't find what I want in any store.  It's definitely going to be a process!)
2. A rug for my study (I'm thinking the Adeline from Pottery Barn in the green)
3. New television, television stand, and surround sound system for the upstairs family room

I've discovered that I'm really good at spending money, which doesn't technically come as a surprise, but I have to remind myself that this merry round of purchasing must come to an end soon.  It is exciting seeing it all start to come together though.  We're looking at moving in the first week of April!

In other exciting news, J has been accepted at four schools so far.  We have eight more to hear from over the next two weeks.
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