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#1 Daughter is home for Thanksgiving and wants to help decorate the Christmas tree before she heads back to school. That means purchasing the tree this weekend. The new house is considerably larger than the old one, thus there is more space to decorate. That means that for the first time ever, I'm putting up 2 full-sized trees. One in the formal living room (with my GE Classic colored lights) and one in the downstairs family room with white lights. I've never used white lights before, but the downstairs family room has the fireplace and my garland for around the fireplace has white lights and I can't in good conscience mix colored and white lights. (Yes, I have been told that I have Christmas Nazi tendencies. lol) So, I've purchased two trees and they're up in the stands. The white lights are on and the other tree will have lights put up later this evening after the branches have time to fall. I've hauled out the boxes and boxes of decorations and will get the kids to help put ornaments on later tonight.

I've also got the wreath and garlands up outside, but I have to decide how I'm doing those lights this year. Outside outlet placement isn't ideal.

This means that I'll be able to relax for the entire month of December, right?


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