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Summer is officially here if we go by the school calendar. Yesterday was the last day for Matthew and Natalie is now an official Middle School (8th grade) graduate. It's strange to contemplate that in the fall I'll have two high schoolers and two college students. I'd always heard people say that you really never feel that much older on the inside (which I totally didn't believe when I was a kid) and I continue to be amazed by how true that is. The inner me is apparently still about 17.

Eric went back to school last weekend and has finished the first week of his summer school class. He's stayed relatively stable for quite a while now and while I hope that trend continues, it's hard knowing that it could change at any moment. I've gotten much better at living in the moment, but it would be nice to feel more comfortable making longterm plans. Maybe I have to accept that I can make the plans, but there are no guarantees. Which is true for all of us, I suppose.

Julia is about to head into finals and will be home in a week. I love all my kids, but she's the one that's the most like me and it's always a pleasure to have her around. I intend to enjoy it since there are no guarantees that she'll be back home for any extended time periods after this summer.

I had some fun last night. I took Matthew and Natalie to see The Postal Service. Because we were in the midst of huge downpours from Tropical Storm Andrea the venue for the concert had to be changed and we ended up getting great seats. Much better than the ones we would have had at the original venue. It was M and N's first big outdoor and it was a blast. There's something about the ephemeral nature of live performance that really gets to me. I love cds and movies, but seeing art being performed and being part of that experience is really special. Plus, bonus points for being able to horrify your teenage daughter by dancing to the music.

Thanks for the book recommendations. I'll be checking them out. I'm also thinking about reading The Game of Thrones series this summer. Seeing all the sturm and drang fallout from the last aired episode has inspired me to see what all the fuss is about. I know not to get too attached to any character since it sounds like GRR Martin makes Joss look like a rank amateur in painful character demise. There are some benefits to being semi-spoiled.

Okay, one last question for you. I've been revisiting some old fandoms for fic and wanted to know, what do you think are the best fics from any of the fandoms that you've been involved in? The ur fics if you will. I'd love it if you'd share.
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